Office Furnishings and Accessories

gifts and furnishings
For the tasteful home and commercial office - from trendy to traditional!

The home office is here to stay, and our commercial spaces can use a pick-me-up. We are here for you!

Desks, Chairs, Shelving, Side Tables, Lamps;
Bookends, Bowls, Boxes, Letter Openers, Paperweights;
Carvings, Vases, Candleholders, Hour Glasses;
Pencil Sharpeners, Sundials, Compasses, Radiometers ;
Wine Openers, Glasses, Decanters, Bottle Stops, Barware

Home Office Makeovers Here!

Dad Office
Other dad desk set
Pyramid table
This is our favorite "DOffice" (Dad Office)! Dark wood; more traditional; the chair is uber comfy. It's displayed inside one of our self-storage units! Along with marvelous aviation prints autographed by World War II Ace Col. Bud Anderson. Come in and take a tour!
Ooooooo - but wait! Look at THIS one in the window! The wood tones are amazing! Has its own chair, and two side tables......
......this pyramid one is OUTSTANDING! Get them individually or as a set!