Curated Gifts

Curated Gifts
With an international flair!

“Magiscopios” & Wood Carvings & Glass Ornaments from Mexico;
Chess Boards & Ostrich Eggs from Africa;
Modern Art Prints – Glass and Canvas – from Turkey;
Ceramics from Thailand;
“Riedel” Crystal Wine and Barware from Austria;
“Murano” Glassware from Italy;
“Limoges” Style Boxes;
“Laguiole” Knives from France;
“Damascus” Steel Knives from Pakistan;
Replica Renaissance Dominos from Holland;
Glass Wall Art (“Chihuly” Style) from China;
“Ugears” Self-Propelled Mechanical Puzzles from the Ukraine;

ART PRINTS - bright, wild, soft, patriotic, cowboy, modern;
AUTOGRAPHED Bud Anderson and Chuck Yeager Aviation Art;
AUTOGRAPHED Doug Van Howd Wildlife Art;
FOR KIDS - Puzzles, STEM Toys, Magic Kits, Science and Chemistry Sets, Construction Kits; Audiobooks with Animal Speakers; Natural Wood Tables, Stools, Dollhouses, Toys; Whimsical Lighting
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Stunning Damascus hand-forged professional chefs' knives!
Knife 2
Knife 3
STUNNING Damascus hand-forged professional chefs' knives!
Customizable handles of bone, wood, or resin.
In a beautiful leather carry case - incredible value!